G&H Automation Services LLC is a FinTech consultancy firm that specializes in operational workflow optimization and process automation. Founded in , G&H Automation Services offers a full suite of solutions to enhance your existing workforce by optimizing and automating to the very most extreme every single stage of your current operational process.

Our lives are meant to be changed.

Whether you are an individual, a start-up, or the world leader in your industry, automation is now part of everyone’s journey. Our strength is our ability to provide each client with unique high-end automation and operational applications that perfectly fit their business requirements. Our solutions are straight forward and easy to implement without the unnecessary and overwhelming functionalities of traditional packaged software.

Let’s dream big, together.

New Technology is one of the fastest growing industries, and we all need it to reach our daily goals. But you may not know how to approach it. Let us be the translator and bring an optimized solution to every one of your automation-based challenges. Have you ever dreamed of starting a working day, hitting a button and having all your recurring tasks already processed by the time you get your first cup of coffee?

We are here to help you design your future.

If you want to change the way you work, have better control of your data flow, be more efficient and focus on where you have a real added value, G&H Automation Services is here to help you to take back the control of your workflow.


These core principles dictate our behavior and form the foundation on which we perform our work. Some values are so primary that they will never waver throughout any changes in our lives. They are the practices we live by every day and are embedded in everything we do.


Knowledge is meant to be spread without any limits. Knowledge helps you grow, stay motivated, but more importantly, increases productivity.


We love what we do and are willing to make it profitable to our clients. Every relationship is an new opportunity for us to show our devotion.


We are committed to delivering excellence on every project. We are eager to create success for all our clients, and we want to be part of it.


Mutual respect and honesty are key to building fruitful long-term partnerships. Doing the right thing in all circumstances, and stay true to ourselves.


Profile Picture Founder of G&H Automation Services, Gregory M. Jannin has been working in Quantitative Finance and Operations & Market Risk for some of the largest financial institutions worldwide in Europe and in the United States. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance from Sorbonne University.

He started his career within the Operations division of Societe Generale America Securities before joining the Risk department of the French Headquarter of UBS Wealth Management, Paris. In 2008, he was hired as a Quantitative Researcher within the Asset Management branch of Neuflize OBC Investment, where he was in charge of designing asset allocation models, building portfolio optimization strategies, and creating financial decision-making tools for portfolio managers, as well as private and institutional clients. He was also a Lecturer and Researcher in Finance at Sorbonne University over the same span of time. During his academic journey, he has published articles in various scientific journals. In 2014, he joined a Family Office based in New York City where he became Director of Operations.

Over almost 15 years, Gregory has automated a variety of processes and designed algorithms for quantitative investment strategies. His passion for new technologies and background in quantitative finance has led him to create smart financial and operation data processing solutions.

In 2020, he launched G&H Automation Services to benefit small-sized businesses from his experience and deep knowledge of operations process optimization and automation.